Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Keep 'em Coming

Hot on the heels of my last post, and I mean literally as I clicked the publish button, I received an email notification of a new review for Red Wine and Words. And whaddyaknow, it was a fiver again. Not only that, but it came 'highly recommended.'

Some of the highlights of the review for me were having the book described as 'subtle horror at its best,' and the fact that the reviewer found himself thinking of some of the stories days after he had read them. This to me, is one of the best compliments I could have received. I have experienced that myself on a few occasions and have always aimed to recreate that effect in my writing because I feel, as does this reviewer, that it is 'a sign of good writing, and fantastic story-telling.'

This is a really well written review, and in-depth. Give it a read at:

And lads, keep 'em coming!

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