Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Learning Life of a Writer

No day is a boring one these days. With every fucked up story idea that pops into my overactive little mind comes about as much weird images and information to thrall through. It's actually gotten to the point where I have started to align my laptop to protect those poor souls who may potter in behind me and unwittingly catch a glimpse of whatever new horror I'm researching.

I've sat in front of images of intestines. I've been on forums that have told me everything I need to know in order to cook up, shoot up, and anything else heroin related. With shaking fingers, I've clicked through images of the most hideous spiders you could imagine, and read all the horrible facts that go alone with the hairy little creeps.

I have downloaded lists of ship parts, horse parts, images of human (and sometimes otherwise) teeth, even a rather grotesque picture of a fractured penis... "Yes, you read me right," she says as every man in cyberspace crosses his legs.

God alone can help me if anyone official ever gets their hands on my hard drive.