Friday, July 29, 2016

7D7M: Day 5

Odd Thomas

I really liked this film. It was fun and different and kept me guessing all the time, which I like, and which is not s easy to come by anymore, sniffle. Odd Thomas is not what I would class as a 'horror' so to speak but there were definitely some parts that had me on edge. On top of that there was a real nice story to it; heart-warming if you will.
Recommend it? Well, I heard that some followers of Dean Koontz weren't so impressed with the film. This, I cannot comment on. But if you're an Odd Thomas virgin like me, I'd say, go for it. Five for entertainment.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

7D7F: Day 4

The Taking of Deborah Logan

To cut a story that could possibly have been very long, short, this film is shite. Which is sad, because it had real potential. The premise was good and somewhat new (and sad) with the whole Alzheimer's twist. Unfortunately those responsible just didn't tap into that potential.
There were about one and a half scary parts, give or take a half. The rest was just discordant 'found-footage' segments that tried to recreate and better what's been done countless times before, and failed.
Recommend? Nopes. Stick on an episode of the Teletubbies if you're looking some genuine scares.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

7 Days 7 Films: Day 3

The Road

This one is a bit of a lie. I'd seen it before, a long time ago, but I was drunk, and although at the time Inner Omma was screaming 'Wake up, you lush. This film's great', the bottle of wine on the table was singing, 'Drink me, oh sweet descendant of the gods'. You get where I'm going with this - Red Wine was so much more polite than Inner Omma, so she won the toss up.
 Annnnnywho, second time around, I wished I'd listened to Inner Omma, or that we three had at least come to some kind of understanding, because this film really is great. The storyline is fantastic - apocalyptic with a twist. It kept me guessing the whole way through to the somewhat poignant ending. 
Recommend it? Yep. Most definitely. I'd even suggest that if one wanted to take a short detour from one's Joss Whedon re-run, this is a worthy distraction.
If nothing else, Viggo Mortensen is always worth looking at.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

7 Days 7 Films: Day 2


Housebound is more comedy-horror than pure horror, which is just fine by me. Some of my favourite films are comedy-horror. And this one did not disappoint. I giggled, I outright laughed, fun was had. However, among these tickley bits were some real chilling and jumpy parts.
I loved the MC, and...yes, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Watch it.
Recommend it? See final sentence above. Look. See? It's right there. Watch it!

Monday, July 25, 2016

7 Films in 7 Days

I'm planning to do exactly as it says on the tin - 7 random films in 7 days. The genre will be horror for the most part. The reason? I've a hard-drive full of stuff I've, um, 'bought' that I need to watch and clear out.

Because I'm efficient, I've already gotten a head-start by watching my first one last night. The film:

The Canal

This film, in fairness, had a few creepy moments, but I had it pegged from the start. Unfortunately this is the case much of the time for me, as it is for many writers and creative sorts - the curse of no more surprises, ever again, forever! So I can't comment as to whether this is universal shitty plot concealment, or just my doomed brain.
The ending was genuinely surprising though.
Recommend it? Ah go on, sure why not. Unless you're due a Joss Whedon re-run, what else would you be doing? 
Tonight, Matthew, I'll be watching 'Housebound'.