If you would like to contact me for reasons I cannot fathom, then you have come to the right page! I'll provide what I can, but for the love of  God go easy on me. I can only handle one stalker at any one time. Any more than that and I won't be able to reply to the barrage of mails and comments this page will bring about.

Without further ado...



               ("I'm here aren't I?" I hear you say!)

Amazon:  I have a link to the Amazon site on the bottom of all my pages. If you 
                 type my name, Emma Ennis (duh), into the search box it will bring you 
                 to my books, and also a like to my Amazon author profile.


I've enabled a comment box at the end of this page (like that? Fantastic bloggy jargon there!) Feel free to use this for whatever your heart desires. Questions, comments, story ideas, or just to tell me what an amazing writer I am... all is welcome.

Seriously though, don't hesitate. If you've read some of my stories and would like to express your opinion, any criticism, whether good or bad, is greatly appreciated. 


  1. ...whether good OR bad. Tut.

  2. god i just love your storrys Emma!

  3. Why thank you Ronny! And that from a very unbiased source too ;)