Emma Ennis hails from Ireland – the land of poets and scholars, leprechauns and legends. She currently lives in Norway but frequently returns to her beloved home for some fantastical inspiration. 

With reading being one of her favourite pastimes, it’s no surprise that her greatest passion is to write.  She has been writing novels and stories for many years but has only recently gotten back into it. Since then she has had numerous short stories and flash fiction accepted for inclusion in many different anthologies. December 2010 saw the print of her first story, to the chorus of much excited squealing on her part.

She finds inspiration in just about everything, which is how she is certain writing is what she was born to do. Many of her dreams have been turned into stories, and she knows there will always be more to come. Despite loving all things about the written word, she detests writing about herself in the third person!   

On a more extra-curricular note, Emma loves to snowboard and other snow games. She also enjoys many extreme water-sports such as rafting, wakeboarding and Cliff diving.  Norway takes care of all these obsessions!   

In her downtime she likes to play computer games, watch movies in search of ‘the ultimate’ horror movie, or to spend time with her friends, maybe having ‘a sociable few’ in the local pub where she works. You can take the girl out of Ireland but you can’t take the Irish out of the girl!

Her all-time goal is somehow figure out how to freeze time so she can read every book that was ever written.