Red Wine and Words

Red Wine and Words is a collection of 16 short stories that will take you on an intoxicating journey through the darkness in life and up those elusive little streams of light. The unforeseen, the unpredictable, love, loss, horror and fantasy all await within. Though rich and varied in theme, throughout the stories is the underlying principal that sometimes the line between reality and the mysterious can blur, creating a place where what-if's reign supreme.

A worldwide conspiracy revealed, a biblical apocalypse wrought; a vengeful imaginary friend, and one not so vengeful but with just as harrowing consequences; and unlikely hero, and an unwilling one, an ancient Egyptian curse, a malevolent Indian spirit - these are just some of the characters and themes you will rub shoulders with in this eclectic collection.

With her debut collection, Emma Ennis invites you yo raise a glass in a toast to the unknown, and see if Red Wine and Words doesn't make you question the threads in your carefully woven blanket of beliefs.

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* SPOILER ALERT* Red Wine and Words will not stand alone. Oh no. This little beauty is the first part in a planned trilogy of short story collections. Watch this space...


Praise for Red Wine and Words:

"This collection is worth paying for, for sure. I can't wait for the next one."

"On my bookshelf I own collections of stories by the likes of M.R. James, Conan Doyle, and HP Lovecraft and I hope Emma Ennis would not be insulted if I said that stories of this kind belong beside these.
A natural storyteller Ennis is definitely someone to watch for in the future." 

"Emma Ennis ... tells her mainly horrid tales with a skill and dedication rarely seen these days in modern horror story writing. Absent are all the gore and verbal expletives which drive the action of some many contemporary work of this kind and instead the reader is offered the opportunity to experience expert story telling, tightly knit rather than excessive prose and subtly disturbing story-lines."

"What I found amazing about this collection of short stories was that even though I would not normally be inclined towards stories from this genre I thoroughly enjoyed each one purely based on how well they were written. It's rare but sometimes the rhythm of a piece of writing can be just as enjoyable as the plot, in this case both struck a chord with me."

"Highly recommended."

"Only two Authors have ever made the skin tighten on the back of my neck so fierce that i could barely turn my head.
Stephen King was the first, James Herbert was the second, and now I can add Emma Ennis to that list."

"This is a fantastic collection of short stories, by a great writer. One, we should keep a very close eye on, for I have a feeling this is only the tip of the iceberg with Emma Ennis!!"

"Not only has Ms. Ennis overwhelmed me with colorful phrasing and perfect pacing, not only has she developed infinitely believable characters in gripping and astounding situations, she has managed to weave her stories so expertly that I found myself unable to put the book down once I had opened the cover...

"Emma Ennis has put together a chilling collection of stories in Red Wine and Words.
They are full of twists and turns and within them is a subtle horror. In a few of her works the buildup is to something more horrific than you could imagine."

"Red Wine and Words is like a fine wine, it gets better the more you drink it. This is subtle horror at its best. Mrs. Ennis manages to weave together a group of tales that are very different, yet are mixed together to make a fine blend, not unlike many wines."

"The theme of love and loss runs through many of the tales in this collection, and I found myself thinking about several of these stories days after I had finished the book. For me, that is a sign of good writing, and fantastic story telling."

"That's the thing: Ennis's stories are hard to describe because of their utter uniqueness."