Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Way to Become Acquainted

First and foremost, happy new year to you all. I ask you to forgive me if this post sounds sluggish and hungover-ish, but there's a perfectly good reason for it. I'm sluggish and hungover.

So, a new year and new beginnings. I have already started to organise my tonne of scraps and papers to prepare for the writing year. Hopefully 2013 will see the printing of at least one more book by my good self.

Now as you know, from the start this blog was dedicated only to things writerly. I'll admit there have been times when I've had to slap my hands away from the keyboard to stop myself spouting about some new gadget I'd purchased, or ranting over world affairs, or lamenting my non-writing related woes, and though this does good for the health of the blog, it does not however, help to foster the most open relationship between you and me. Surely, I have heard you ponder, there must be more to this person than pen and paper, fingertips and keys; surely she has more to say than buy, buy, buy.

Well, if you're interested I have found a way in which we can become better acquainted. There's a relatively new site on t'interwebs called 'Storylane.' It's basically Facebook, Twitter and Blogger all rolled into one. Here is where you can find the writings of non-fiction, emotional and life insights, and general bladderings I must contain myself from deluging here.

In short it's more like a very public, very embarrassing diary, but we shall call it speculative non-fiction for the want of a better title. You can find me here.

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