Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Red Wine and Words Does the Rounds

To make up for not having posted in a while, this is going to be a photo post, the photos being various weird and wonderful endorsements of Red Wine and Words. Brace yourselves, and consider yourselves duly warned.

Red Wine by the fire, with Jenny O'Brien

Loki the dog and author Suzanne Robb
showing Red Wine some loving

What happens after too much Red Wine
Red Wines on the mantle

A proud niece and her Wine goggles,
with Chloe Ennis

Recess! With Triona Furlong
Not quite fifty shades faces, but Red
Wine faces

Auntie Em wrote a book? with Spot the dog

A whole new breed of book club, with Karen Furlong
And again, with Fairy Furlong
Billy Bo, starting young

Wine goggles again

Thanks so much for all your pics. They've been great fun. And most importantly - keep 'em coming :)

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