Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Three Days of Me

No, this is not some kooky self-help thing I'm going to spout about. This is far, far better. This is three whole days of interviews. With whom, you might ask? Why, me of course! Little old me. The first installment is up and running today - a promo of Red Wine and Words, including an excerpt from the final story in the collection, 'Cornflower Blue.'

You can read it here.

And tomorrow's installment promises even more excitement with two never before seen stories; experiments, if you would, in the endless possibilities of writing.

If you're curious about me, the author, then Friday is question and answer time where you'll find all the useless information you could even have dreamed of.

Pop over and have a look, call back tomorrow, give it a like or throw it a comment, whatever tickles your proverbial fancies. 

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