Monday, July 25, 2016

7 Films in 7 Days

I'm planning to do exactly as it says on the tin - 7 random films in 7 days. The genre will be horror for the most part. The reason? I've a hard-drive full of stuff I've, um, 'bought' that I need to watch and clear out.

Because I'm efficient, I've already gotten a head-start by watching my first one last night. The film:

The Canal

This film, in fairness, had a few creepy moments, but I had it pegged from the start. Unfortunately this is the case much of the time for me, as it is for many writers and creative sorts - the curse of no more surprises, ever again, forever! So I can't comment as to whether this is universal shitty plot concealment, or just my doomed brain.
The ending was genuinely surprising though.
Recommend it? Ah go on, sure why not. Unless you're due a Joss Whedon re-run, what else would you be doing? 
Tonight, Matthew, I'll be watching 'Housebound'.

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