Monday, August 1, 2016

7D7M: Day 6

I haven't been watching films for the last few nights because my face has been stuck in a pint glass. Never fear, however, I'm back with a bang today, bringing you my thoughts on

The Den

This one wasn't the worst of them, to be honest. It was aggravating in the usual horror film ways - Why didn't you lock the door behind you? Perhaps you should consider putting that poker there through bad-boy's brain. Why are you running upstairs? Turn the fucking lights on. The MC did redeem herself by socking a few nice punches all the same. 
The ending, I thought, was quite clever also, and did a good job of pulling this film away from the typical trope.
Recommend it? So long as you don't invite the whole village around, promising them the night of their lives (then tell them I told you so), then sure, why not?

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