Thursday, April 14, 2011

Giving Something Back

So for the last week I have been working on a number of stories for charity anthologies. I've always liked to do things for charity, be it dressing up like, well a hooker to put it bluntly, and traipsing around the town, to regular donations. Not to mention going halfway across the world to live in the wilds of Kenya (slight over exaggeration there, but I earned it!) So I went crazy writing when I realised I had the means to combine the two.

And it has paid off! I've had my story 'This is 2012' accepted for the anthology 'Quakes and Storms' by Panic Press. The proceeds of this book go to the American Red Cross, towards the Japanese relief fund.

The anthology can be bought here:

and it's one of a number that I will be urging people to buy because it's for such a good cause. Not only are you getting a padding for your conscience, but there are some quality stories there to enjoy, by a number of talented writers, besides myself!

But that's not all! This acceptance comes with a triple whammy. Yes, you heard me, triple! It's my first acceptance with Panic Press, and also, my first story with a UK company! I'm getting closer to home. Ireland, watch out; the prodigal daughter will return, with a pen in her hand and a book under her arm!

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