Monday, April 11, 2011

I Got Me One Fan!

Tonight I got the best review of my relatively short writing career... and it came from none other than my sister! Now I know what you're all thinking, of course she's going to have a biased review, however, let me reassure you, had I produced something muck, she would not hesitate to string me up by the short and curlies and inform me of it.

It was in reply to my latest story, 'This is 2012' which will hopefully go into an anthology, the proceeds of which will go toward the Japan tsunami appeal. This is what she said:

That gave me goose bumps and actually nearly moved me to tears. You have a fantastic talent sister dear and it is getting better by the day. I honestly cannot believe any sister of mine wrote that. I genuinely look forward to reading what you next come up with as you seem to excel at any style or topic. Another one of your best!

Now I don't give a rats ass who says it, I'll take that thank you very much! Here's hoping the publisher is as impressed. Thanks Tell ;)

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