Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Three in the Mix

I recently received word that I will be having another, a third, story appearing in Pill Hill Press's upcoming anthology Daily Flash 2012. This is a collection of tiny stories, one for each day of the year. My three are entitled:

The Lady of the Hills
Inside Job

The themes of the stories are quite varied. Where 'The Lady of the Hills' is a haunting ghost story, 'Inside Job' is a crime, and 'Surrogate', well that's a strange one! A weird little creature feature where you find no answers.

I'm looking forward to this anthology coming out. With each story being no more than 500 words, it doesn't require a huge amount of commitment, instead you can take a quick peak whenever you can grab a spare few minutes. 

Unfortunately the anthology won't be available until sometime around November :( But it will be something to look forward to when the nights get longer.  

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