Monday, January 23, 2012

Five Stars for Red Wine and Words

I woke up this morning to my very first review of Red Wine and Words. With beating heart and shaking hand, I opened the link, and read an account that was like a massage for my eyeballs. Expertly reviewed by Dean Cowan at Book Pleasures, this is one that's likely to end up on my sitting room wall.

Every compliment for my writing is always welcome and appreciated, but when it comes from a source that's not obliged to namby pamby me through coercion, or for a cut of the profits, it just has that extra special flavour to it. And this review has a lot of 'extra specials.'

With comparisons to the likes of Stephen King, M.R. James, H.P Lovecraft and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I was a pretty happy camper starting my day. To read that my story telling was 'expert'  and that I write with 'a skill and dedication that is rarely seen these days in modern horror story writing' well, one can imagine that my modestly sized bedroom was finding it difficult to accommodate the size of my not-so-modest head!

The full review can be found at:

Or on the reviews page at

Small print: Absolutely no cheques were exchanged between myself and Dean. Durst you even think it!

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