Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Big Reveal

Finally, I get to type the words... So, another of the aforementioned 'projects' has come into fruition. All going well, the end of august should see the release of my first, solo short story collection.

My little masterpiece shall be dubbed 'Red Wine and Words' and is comprised of sixteen smaller masterpieces, the themes of which range from horror to dark fantasy, humour to romantic suspense, with a few strange unclassifiable ones thrown into the mix.

Of course it's not really news to me; I've known for almost a week - I'm a dark horse amn't I - but I have been holding back and twiddling my thumbs until the contract was signed so as not to 'jinx' it, as we would say back in the mother land. Regardless, it doesn't make it any less awesome to be able to write this post now.

Stay tuned to keep abreast on release dates, signings and all that malarky. <insert happy face here>

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