Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Available Works

Here's a list of works that are available now to buy. All can be got from or Alternatively go to either of the Amazons (book sites that is!) and search for my name, Emma Ennis. A list of works will come up there too and you can buy all at once!!!!
Chosen by Emma Ennis
   Included in the Static Movement anthology 'Dark Romance - From the Far Side'
   Ever wondered what 'imaginary friends' really are? And then, have you ever
   wondered what happens when your childhood imaginary friend grew a little too...
   amorous in your adulthood?

Revenge - A Sweet Addiction by Emma Ennis
   Included in the Static Movement anthology 'School Days - Tales with an Edge.
   A mean little thriller about the cruelty of life and love in school... with a twist.

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