Monday, January 31, 2011

Shootout Round 1 - Results

The results from the first round of the shootout are in...

I'm currently in 4th place!

Of 11! Now ask me am I chuffed about that?? You're damn right I am! I got some really great comments and also some helpful hints. The leader is at 8.5 points, my total is 8.125.

My lowest score was 6, but from there it was 7's, 8's and 9's the whole way! No full marks, but two 9.5's which I will gladly take thank you very much. Of course that called for a few glasses of red while I finished off my second entry - the prompt: 'There Was a Crooked House'.

Here's hoping it's as successful as the first. Regardless, the criticism from this competition can be taken to every story, and that's something that can't be bought. Whether I come in fourth or eleventh, it definitely won't be a waste of time... and I'll come out at then with four awesome stories that will be looking for a home!

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