Friday, January 7, 2011

Coming Soon

The following stories are not in print yet, but have found their little places and are waiting to be brought to life. So here's a little taster to get you all riled up and ready!

Dust and Bones by Emma Ennis
   Included in 'Best Left Buried', a Static Movement Anthology edited by Gregory 
   What length would you go to to ensure you would never have to work again?
   Would you raid an ancient tomb despite the warnings? 

Dead Tired by Emma Ennis
   Included in the 'Undertaker Tales' anthology by Norgus Press.
   Ever wondered what happens to an undertaker when they close up for the 
   night? Well wonder no longer. You might want to rethink those further education 
Night Watch by Emma Ennis
   A poem included in the anthology 'Static Poetry' by Static Movement.

From Hell and Back by Emma Ennis
   Included in 'Serial Killers', a Static Movement anthology.
   There's a killer on the loose, a brazen one who works out in the open, hacking
   his victims on the street. After a startling discovery, Detective Robert Coyle
   is working against the clock to catch a killer who loves to taunt them.

Come on In by Emma Ennis
   To be included in 'The Shadow People', an anthology from Static Movement.
   Lurking in the darkness of your mind are the shadow people. Who are they?
   What do they want? And do you give it to them?

A Life for Life by Emma Ennis
   Included in the anthology 'The Fountain of  Youth - The Downside'
   The Fountain of Youth, sought after for centuries but never found. If you found it,
   would you be so quick to drink? Think hard!

Inside Job by Emma Ennis
   Included (with below) in the Pill Hill Press anthology 'Daily Flash 2012', out
   roughly this coming November.
   A tiny little bite of flash fiction. To tell you much would tell the whole story! Let's
   just say it's set at the crime scene of a bloody murder.

The Lady of the Hills by Emma Ennis
   Will also appear in 'Daily Flash 2012'.
   A haunting little ghost story from times long past.

Frozen Outpost by Emma Ennis
   Recently accepted for the Static Movement anthology 'Shadows Within
   Set in the dwindling days of the wild west, before the last of the Indian tribes
   were run from their lands.With the first snow she comes, an evil Indian spirit, to
   plague and torment men. This time it's Ewart, an innocent outpost keeper, who
   she targets... but what does she want?

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