Friday, January 21, 2011

Shootout Update 2

So the deadline is upon us. The forum is filled with mass panic (not really), tensions have reached fever pitch (a little maybe but nothing to write home about!), competitors have resorted to dirty tactics to take out the opponent (not at all) and I'm unlivable-with (always).

My, how I love to exaggerate! When you step out of my overactive imagination you will find that it's all very friendly and civilised. A lot of moral boosting flying back and forth between the competitors and light hearted jibes. Has a competition ever been so laid back? Methinks not.

The story is complete, one final proof read over the weekend and Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt. 'Tis all under control folks... of course we were kind of eased into it with an extra week for the story, to acclimatise the newbies amongst us. It's after Sunday that the s*@% really begins to hit the proverbial fan. It's then when paragraph 1 on this post may not be so far-fetched!


  1. Cool, oh I also hit the follow button and checked around your blog. I like it. I know, it's about time you stopped by Charlie. I didn't know you live in Norway. I'd love to visit your country some day. The only place I wnet outside of the US was Paris. That was nice!! Ok, I'll talk to you soon!!

  2. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your story, it was my favorite in style by far.

    I'm out of the shoot out myself... It turned out to be a bit too much work on top of my actual job, it's just not worth the wicked headache I've been carrying around since Saturday afternoon which I have a feeling is because of over indulgence in Mummy stories.

  3. Thanks a million, it really means a lot. I loved yours too, loved the romance theme and it's a pity you're out, especially when you have such a good score too. But I do understand, it's a big commitment. I'm starting to feel the pressure of other anthology deadlines I set so I try to get the shootout stuff done as soon as they come out. I'm sticking it out cos I hope I'll have 4 submittable stories and a wealth of knowledge at the end! Sorry you won't be playing with us anymore! :)