Saturday, January 8, 2011


And she has sold her soul...

Okay so maybe I should take my foot off the exaggerator for a little minute! Forgive my melodrama, but it stems from the well of intense excitement and fright that is right now bubbling in the pit of my stomach. You see last night I signed up for a writers 'shootout' over on Pill Hill Press. What the hell is that, I hear ye ask? Then let me explain my furry little friends.

It's a first come, first serve competition with an 8 to 12 maximum of competitors. Once full, the forum is locked with only the entrants having access. Then we sit around, chewing our fingers while waiting for a photo prompt, which can be anything, on any theme. Then it's lift off. Each competitor has one week to write a story based on the photo prompt. When the time is up we each get another week to read all the other entries and vote on them. It's completely anonymous (is it just me or is that the hardest word on this green earth to spell?), both the writing and the voting.

When that week is up it starts again and goes on for four rounds. In the end the votes from all rounds are tallied and the winner is found.

Now isn't that just the most exciting and scary thing you've ever heard of? Probably not, but it is to me! I've never attempted anything like this, probably because I never knew they existed. Why do I have a feeling I'm about to be chewed up and spit out?? gulp   


  1. Awesome, I know I just got locked in with you and Lorraine and Darren. This is going to be freaking great!!

  2. First prompt today Charles! It begins! Get those cogs turning. So very exciting.

  3. Eg veit ikkje om det Hege. Eg er redd, hold meg!!