Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Being a newborn babe to the world of writing I thought it was high time I started one of these new-fangled blog things all the cool kids are talking about! I thought it would be a pretty nifty way to group all my info together, so any followers are kept up to date on new publications and what not. But first, a little about me...
I was born and reared (to some extent!) in County Wexford, Ireland but have been living in Norway for about a year and a half, in a snowy little town called Voss, oftentimes called the 'Extreme Sports Capital of the World', which suits me fine thank you very much!
I have a degree in computers, but swiftly fell out with the damn things during my four year course; we didn't always see eye-to-eye, me and computers. Since then I have studied many other subjects such as Interior Design and Floristry - eclectic I know - but the lifelong dream has always been to write. So, me being me, I had to give it a go.
Lo and behold, I tried my hand at a couple of novels, but soon grew disheartened trying to find a publisher. 'Tis a wicked world for a fledgling writer, the world of publishers and agents, and I soon hid from the wolves and haven't written for many years. However, towards the end of 2010 I seen a friend of mine and old school buddy, Lorraine Horrell, was taking the place by storm with her stories and it was she who put me on to Static Movement and Chris Bartholomew who accepted my first story for publication.
And so the demon in me was born. Since the 10th of November I've had 7 stories accepted into 6 different anthologies, two of which are now available for purchase at or Just search for my name on either of those sites and you'll get my author page with available books... if you're interested that is of course!
Cue the exit music for end of intro...

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